dorin baba visual artist

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Artistic projects

Augmented Reality
2019, Palace of Culture, Iasi, Romania

2019, Institut Francais, Iasi, Romania

H+ Transhumanity
2018, Victoria Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania

2016, Dana Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania

EGREDIOR - She could act as a gift
2014, Dorin Baba & Marius Sidovius, Dana Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania

Red chocolate and smiling people
2013, Cupola Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania

Mental Hologram - Video installation
2010, XXVI International Festival "Sarajevo Winter", Sarajevo

Global Art Perspectives: Art 2010 Annual Preview
2010, Broadway Gallery, New York

Listen to the man near
2009, Cupola Gallery, Iasi, Romania