Dorin Baba visual artist

The 5th EIBAB (European International Book Art Biennale), Book as ®evolution
(2020, Károlyi Castle, Carei, Romania)
Flash Memory, Award for INNOVATION

Flash Memory is the aptitude of a being to keep the imprint or trace of his past and to relate to it: a direct knowledge, a direct and absolute experience in searching the lost time. In this project, the concept of Flash Memory refers to memory sequences, recollections, series of facts, events, states that follow each other over time and build the personal history of an individual. In this case, Book, as an object, is a functional device, built of IT components, which contains video and sound and is programmed to play, at certain intervals, visual flashes that reproduce events in the personal history of the subject, the protagonist being the artist himself. In an eccentric associational theory, the concept of Flash Memory defines bizarre constructions, based on relationships between various entities, concrete actions and dreams, life facts and visions, desires that emphasize the idea of becoming a contemporary individual, in relation to advanced IT technologies, a conscious automaton to the smallest details of personal history, from birth to the present, as well as the path he wants to follow. (Dorin Baba)