Dorin Baba visual artist

(2016, Dana Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania)

In the modern age, invasion of machinery and technical accessories has transformed the expressive dimension of the art object into a trademark of industrial quality, thereby outlining the artificial origin of the artwork. This project tries to detect the merging between traditional artistic means and technology, by integrating the personal computer into the artistic media to obtain both a synthesis image and a participative interactivity of the viewer with the accomplished work. The exhibited paintings are characters painted in the traditional technique. The characters in the paintings become interactive when a person is near them. In fact, the frames of the paintings have implemented presence sensors, miniature video cameras, and in the area of eyes are implemented and integrated small displays, which allow the visual contact between the painted character and the viewer. Through this blend of synthetic and painted images, the characters gain a strong force of persuasion, translating the viewer from contemplation to communication area.
By bringing to the fore of the synthetic reality, they draw attention to effacing by increasingly technical visual means of the natural reality, of the real world. (Dorin Baba)