Dorin Baba visual artist

EGREDIOR - She could act as a gift
(Dorin Baba & Marius Sidovius, 2014, Dana Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania)

Egredior is a project developed in partnership with Dana Art Galleries in Iasi aims to investigate and promote, through contemporary artistic methods, forms of relational and communication aesthetization that can contribute to combating pre-conceived clichés and ideas that could limit perception of reality, resulting in situations of insecurity, fear, obsequiousness in the relationship between the individual and society. Through this project it is aimed a certain commitment to promoting moral values, proliferating an art of dialogue, relationship and engagement.
Egredior also designates "exit" and "advancing", the step towards "outside", the centrifugal advance, the gradual detachment, even in the sense of climb. In this project, the concept of "Egredior" is used in the sense of dissociation of conventional old formulas of artistic manifestations, to build new tracks for collaboration, communication and relationship of the artist with intellectuals.(Dorin Baba)
The project – of conceptual persuasion – took place along five months, in two stages: the collaboration of the artist with a partner invited in the construction of the project, and the second stage: the realization of the artistic act, the validation of the paintings of the guest as art works by signing them, in the presence of a large audience and specialized critics, by the artist with his own signature. With the subtitle "Auctorial power as a gift", the project is conceived in a collaborative form.
The guest, Marius Sidoriuc (a graduate of sociology, with a Ph.D. on "heterotopias of ruin", obtained at "Al.I.Cuza" University of Iasi), exhibited for a month in the space of the Dana Gallery canvases painted by him motion vectors and graphical inscriptions in contrasting chromatic ratios which were the result of a research that centered on the "Movement" analyzed from a sociological and philosophical perspective. In a meeting organized with audience and specialized critics, the canvases of Marius Sidoruc were given with the consecrated signature of the artist Dorin Baba, one proof of acceptance, appreciation and recommendation of his talent for painting.
How can this gesture be interpreted? As an abusive appropriation of someone's property? Are we dealing with original paintings or, rather, with some fake, worthless pieces?