Dorin Baba visual artist

beyond human
(2020, Victoria Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania)

There is no stronger source of anxiety than the image of intelligent machineries dominating humanity. In recent decades, mankind has developed an extreme movement to free the human race from biological constraints. The project of the species is an extreme one, as tempting as immortality is frightening. When several new and powerful technologies are interconnected in a single entity, the reality in which we find ourselves will radically change in an unpredictable manner. It is assumed that computer programs will become so advanced that artificial intelligence will transcend human intelligence, potentially erasing the boundary between humanity and computers. In general, we doubt a reality for which we have no scientifically based knowledge or explanation. The knowledge of a new reality is based on concordances between the objective and the subjective. The encounter with a humanoid robot, which looks almost human, is an event that has entered the normality of the contemporary world, asking many questions. As paradoxical as the humanoid may be, it is intended to be a re-presentation of man, through which the human spirit makes its presence felt (in this case, the concept of re-presentation has the meaning to ensure the presence, to replace, re-present). The beyond human project highlights the question: How will a technological entity pass the measure of time, how will we become immortal? The evolution of a technological entity could really become a threat if replacing humans as the dominant form on earth with intelligent machineries was possible. However, it is difficult to accept the idea that, through mechanical and electronic augmentation, the human body will become the primary element in overcoming the limits of the biological condition.(Dorin Baba)