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Ostentations... (Institut Francais, Iasi, Romania)
curator: Petru Bejan

Besides the harmonious, innocent and "peaceful" side of art, there is another one – scandalous, aggressive, bellicose –, less noticeable and carefully mentioned. "Transgressive" art is the one that defies boundaries, familiarity, formal, demanding the public a seamy reception of the usual standards. In some cases, the calm of neutral contemplation is replaced by the nervousness of partisan, often radical and hostile attitudes. Can art harass, defy or slander, without shrinking from its credit? Is there a "measure" to obey? Should it be overcome at all costs? How far does the functional self-expression of art and what do we define "freedom of expression" of the artists?
The Paris bombing against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo brings up (for how long) the excesses committed on religious grounds. Is there any acceptable "logic" for terror? What principle or cause could legitimize murder? Love for God? Total attachment to a culture or its values? Desire of salvation at any price? Militant ardor? Frustrations and resentment pulses? Thirst for revenge? The sad event raises other questions. What are the limits of art? What freedoms can it possibly afford? How appropriate is a moral "censorship" applied to artistic works? Is laughter itself self-defeating? Can a caricature inflame the world? Is it worth killing for a simple drawing?
As you can see, art has lost not only its classic "autonomy," but also its alleged innocence. Patched for various ideologies, it can point out problems as it can influence or solve them. Nowadays "critical art" evades the scruples of simple aesthetic contemplation. Engaged in various battles, including their own survival, artists seek to attract attention, irritate or defy. For the resentful and intolerant individual, such freedoms seem excruciating and unforgiving. Correctly considered incisive, satire and humor can sometimes bother. But as corrosive as it may be, nothing justifies terror, barbarity or murder. There is nothing, if there is no humanity... Here is, in summary, the stake of Dorin Baba's Ostentations. (Petru Bejan)

Holograms - the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack

Ostentations (pictures: Charlie Hebdo Magazine, animation: Dorin Baba)

Ostentations (pictures: Charlie Hebdo Magazine, animation: Dorin Baba)