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H+ Transhumanity (2018, Victoria Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania)

H+ Transhumanity is an art project whose concept is transhumanism - one of the most controversial current concepts related to the future of humanity, based on artificial intelligence - and refers to the transformation of the human condition through science and technology. H+ is the symbol of transhumanism - cultural movement and international intellectual founded by scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, companies with large financial resources, advocating for the transformation and increase physical and mental capacities of man to eliminate aging and suffering, so that man to have in the near future to acquire exceptional capacities (a prodigious memory, the ability to see in the dark, to hear ultrasound, to become immortal - a Homo Deus). The H+ Transhumanity artistic project is made up of a set of functional installations and video installations (sculptures and holograms) that try to bring it into the foreground for discussion and analysis this controversial subject. (Dorin Baba)

1H+ Hologram

2H+ Hologram