Dorin Baba visual artist

H+ Transhumanity (2018, Victoria Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania)
The UAPR Award for MULTIMEDIA, Tg. Jiu, 2019

H+ Transhumanity is an art project whose concept is transhumanism – one of the most controversial current concepts related to the future of humanity, based on artificial intelligence – and refers to the transformation of the human condition with the help of science and technology. H + is the symbol of transhumanism – an international cultural and intellectual movement, founded by scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, companies with great financial resources, advocating the transformation and enhancement of man's physical and mental capacities to eliminate aging and suffering, therefore to have, in the near future, exceptional capacities (a prodigious memory, the ability to see in the dark, to hear ultrasound, to become immortal – a Homo Deus). The H + Transhumanity artistic project is made up of a set of functional installations and video-installations (sculptures and holograms) that attempt to sketch this reality, not being an artistic act of supporting or condemning it. The goal is to bring to the fore this controversial subject through discussions and analysis. (Dorin Baba)

Technical details:
The Holograms Holograms are made with two original artistic installations, comprised of mechanical, electronic equipment, IT components, mirror batteries and focal lenses that produce 3D-4D holographic projections and build clear and spectacular images floating in the air above the electronic socket. Holograms represent the new Cyborg man, the human brain n transformation and the performance of neural connections in progress.
The Human Kit integrates three-dimensional miscellaneous representations of the human body: male and female, made of carbon fiber, organic material (plastinated animal meat), mechanical adjustments and functional IT equipment that try to give the imaginary size of the new Avatar-type human body, built by scientists, engineers, IT professionals, biotechnologists and artists, to be more productive, longer-living.

1H+ Hologram

2H+ Hologram